Turkey Basket Give-a-Way

This year, Angels Blessing People is giving away turkey baskets to select individuals for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Our main goal with this give-a-way is to make sure that single parents can celebrate a time of giving and family with a special meal. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and Angels Blessing People are thankful for the opportunity to bless others.

Cans 2 Hands

Angels Blessing People is asking local businesses to participate in our Cans 2 hands recycling program. We would like to place a bin in your kitchen/staff lounge area where employees can dispose of at their aluminum cans. Bins will be emptied once a week.

To sign your business up for our Cans 2 Hands Fundraiser, please click on the button below.

Kroger Community Rewards Fundraiser

Angels Blessing People have partnered with Kroger Community Rewards Fundraising Program. Kroger is committed to helping non-profit organizations by matching a percentage of your purchase to give back to Angel’s Blessing People. Your participation in this program will help us keep our programs prospering. If you would like to sign up for the Krogers Community Rewards Program, please click the logo below to create an account. Our Organization number is TP167. For futher assistance with signing up, you can download the instruction below as well.

Click the button below for sign up instructions.

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